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fileabc2svg >= 1.20.17

Define the sound font which is used to play the music.

By default, abc2svg uses a sound font extracted from the SF2 font Scc1t2.
This font is split by instrument to reduce the load time and it is base64 encoded into a javascript so that it can be loaded from any HTTP domain. The instruments are stored in the directory as <instrument_number>.js (<instrument_number> = <bank> * <preset>).

The command %%soundfont changes the default sound font to

The advantage of the raw SF2 is that it is more quickly loaded (smaller and no decoding).

In my site, the soundfonts are stored in the directory
(the file is a shell script used to build the .js files from the .sf2 files)


%%MIDI program 56 % GM Trumpet
%%MIDI chordprog 78 % GM Whistle
%%MIDI gchordon
B,|"Em"E2G "D"FGA|"G"G2F "C"E2G|"Bm"F2E "D"DEF|"Em"E3|]

Reload this file clicking below and change the soundfont to

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