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ABC music notation software
abc2svg is a rewrite of abcm2ps into Javascript.
It permits to edit, display, print and play music in ABC notation.
Its source is hosted at ChiselApp.

abcm2ps is a command line program which converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which may handle many voices per staff.
Here are an (old) example and a static XHTML formatting using a Bourne shell script.
Its source is now hosted at GitHub.

If you want a tune index, you may run:

this Tcl script (abcmaddidx.tcl - 2017-07-23) or
this javascript program (abcmaddidx - 2017-07-23) as a back end for PostScript output, or
this one (abcmaddidx2.tcl - 2013/11/02) for XHTML output.

The following documentation refers to both abcm2ps and abc2svg:

features and parameters
bww2abc is a small javascript program which converts BagPipe Reader files (extension .BWW) into ABC.


ABC notation.
ABC Plus by Guido Gonzato.
ABC resources by Hudson Lacerda.
ABC mailing list
Documentation ABC en français
Pages using abc2svg:
Au coeur de la musique
ABC with Shape Notes
Windklang Musik
Tired of systemd? Try VoidLinux
Music - Ton
ABC tunes
Sonerezh eus Breizh e ABC (music of Brittany):
dañsou (dances) ha kantigou (canticles).
Oldies but goldies.
MicroEmacs (version 2.28 - 75Kb) is a very small (console) text editor with multibuffer/multiwindow capabilities that runs on many systems and has some syntax highlighting and UTF-8 support.

Aeolus is a synthesised pipe organ emulator from Fons Adriaensen. I made some enhancements for it gets the stops from a MIDI channel, and that is so I can play again on the console of my defunct Eminent DCS325 organ.

Accueil Free.

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