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ABC music notation software.
abcm2ps is a command line program which converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which may handle many voices per staff.
Here are an (old) example, its features and the parameters.
Latest stable version: 8.11.0 (230Kb) (Changelog)
Older stable versions: 7.8.14 (321Kb) 6.6.22 (291Kb) 5.9.25 (249Kb), 4.12.30 (209Kb), 3.7.21 (191Kb), 2.11.3 (171Kb), 1.6.12 (134Kb)
Many binaries (Linux, MS-Windows, MAC) may be found in the ABC Plus home page.
For Atari MINT, here is a rpm package (maintained by Martin Tarenskeen).
Here is a abcm2ps example of static XHTML formatting using a Bourne shell script.

abc2svg is a Javascript program with (almost) all the features of abcm2ps. It should work in any web browser. Look at this page for more information.

abcmplugin-1.0.2 (27Kb) is a simple plugin for WEB browsers which offers dynamic rendering of ABC files referenced or embedded in HTML/XHTML pages. For more information, look at the README.

If you want a tune index, you may run this Tcl script (abcmaddidx.tcl - 2015/10/14) as a back end for PostScript output or this one (abcmaddidx2.tcl - 2013/11/02) for XHTML output.

tclabc (1.3.7 - 192Kb) (Changelog) offers a Tcl interface to the ABC notation and contains a Tk GUI (click here for more information). To make it work, you need Tcl/Tk 8.2 (or newer) and an ANSI C compiler. On some systems (Linux, MS Windows, others?), playing and recording may be done to/from internal or external MIDI devices.

If you don't know about the ABC notation, have a look at the ABC notation.

More links:

ABC Plus by Guido Gonzato.
ABC resources by Hudson Lacerda.
ABC mailing list
OrangePI 2
Here are some information for generating the U-boot and kernel.
Cubox (Dove)
Here is how to get (non accelerated) video and audio with a kernel 4.3.0-rc1.
Webcam GSPCA driver V4L version 2.
The last version may be found in the git repositories at
The new gspca maintainer is Hans de Goede.
Simple Video Viewer.
This very simple program (svv.c) displays or grabs webcam images using the V4L2 interface. It needs GTK+ and the V4L library.
USB tools.
parsnoop.tcl translates the traces created by sniffbin or usbsnoop to a more readable format.
parusbmon.tcl translates the traces created by usbmon to the same readable format.
Microsoft's Software
is Malware
Music - Ton
ABC tunes
Sonerezh eus Breizh e ABC (music of Brittany).
dañsou (dances) ha kantigou (canticles).
Tcl/Tk stuff.
tksmacc (version 0.10.7 - 16Kb) is a very simple personnal accounting program using pure Tcl/Tk (8.0) with local_unit <-> euro conversion capability.
Oldies but goldies.
MicroEmacs (version 2.27 - 75Kb) is a very small text editor with multibuffer/multiwindow capabilities which runs on many systems: DOS, Linux, Solaris, VAX/VMS, Chorus.. and has some syntax highlighting and UTF-8 support.

Accueil Free.

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