ABC HTML formatting example is a Bourne shell script which expands the ABC music contained in HTML files, using abcm2ps version >= 6.4.1.

The file sample6.xhtml is generated from sample6.html (look at the source) by the command:

./ sample6.html sample6.xhtml
and the file sample6-raw.xhtml is generated from the same file sample6.html by:

abcm2ps sample6.html -XO sample6-raw.xhtml

Here is a first tune in the current paragraph:
/tmp/ (1) tune 0 First tune
(note the empty line at end of tune)

This music /tmp/ (2) tune 0 is inlined.

In this table, you may see the ABC source and the resulting music.

Source Music
T:Second tune
/tmp/ (2) tune 0 Second tune

Remote tune by <embed>
/tmp/ (1) tune 0 Agora viniesse un viento Luys de Milan (1536) = 132 A go ra vi nies se un vien to Y me hi sies se tan con ten to 4 4 4 4 4 4 que me e chas se a cu lla que me e chas se a cu lla den tro. A go ra vi nies se un den tro. que me e chas se a cu lla FINE vien to tan bue no co mo quer ri a. den tro en fal das de mi a mi ga.

(note the place of X: in the <pre> block)
(in the same block, the space before T: is needed for direct abcm2ps rendering)

Constraints in the HTML file: