Audio and video on the Cubox - J.F. Moine - September 15, 2015

This directory contains the required stuff to have audio and video on the Cubox with a kernel 4.3-rc1 (no acceleration).



The u-boot "boot.scr" script must have a bootargs as:
	console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty1,115200 root=/dev/sda2 rootwait video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080-32@60
(the most important is the video= parameter)


You must use the standard xorg "modesetting" video driver (not 'fbdev').
Here is a copy of my xorg.conf to copy in /etc/X11/.
Mainly, it would have: Note: "modesetting" does not work anymore with my Debian sid.
You may use the driver (MY ModeSetting) which has support for video overlay (the source is here).
xorg.conf must contain:
	Driver	"myms"
	Option	"kmsdev" "/dev/dri/card0"
	Option	"ShadowFB" "false"
	Option	"SWcursor" "false"
	Option	"Monitor-HDMI-0" "monitor"



15/09/15 - kernel 4.3.0-rc1
15/05/01 - kernel 4.1.0-rc1
- sound output on both HDMI and S/PDIF, or S/PDIF only
- remove CEC stuff
15/01/06 - kernel 3.19.0-rc1
- fix EDID timeout when HDMI disconnect/reconnect in console mode
14/11/22 - add cec in tda998x (not tested)
- add cec (rmk driver)
- add lirc (config)
14/10/24 - kernel 3.18.0-rc1
- audio now goes to both HDMI and S/PDIF by default
14/08/31 - kernel 3.17.0-rc1
- fix some small bugs found by oneshotquestion (cubox forum)
14/08/08 - kernel 3.16.0
14/07/05 - kernel 3.16.0-rc3
14/06/19 - audio ok (HDMI and S/PDIF)
- video overlay (with the X11 video driver
- kernel 3.15.0-rc7
13/09/18 - SysRq 'x' (hdmi toggle) added
- audio ok (no S/PDIF)
- fix more dove-drm init problems
- no more lost pixels on the left side of the screen
- kernel 3.12.0-rc1
13/05/19 - i2c-mv64xxx driver changes from Russell King
13/05/16 - si5351 clock
- hardware cursor
- interlaced modes (not tested)
- fix again some dove-drm init problems
- kernel 3.10.0-rc1
13/04/30 - more audio stuff, but still no sound
- fix dove-drm init problems
- kernel 3.9.0
13/04/24 - only one kernel patch, no more driver out of tree
- HDMI exchanges by interrupts
- use 'modesetting' instead of 'fbdev' for X11
- have 'xrandr' working
- kernel 3.9-rc8
13/03/27 - use the AXI clock (no need for the si5351 anymore)
- fix a bug in the LCD horizontal and vertical synchronization
- preparation of video overlay, hardware cursor and audio but not yet working
- kernel 3.9-rc4
version 5 - dove DRM video driver
- nxp tda998x (HDMI) in the kernel
- kernel 3.9-rc1
version 4 - full LCD resources in cubox DT
- avoid TDA errors
- kernel 3.8.0
version 3 - create a link to drivers/video/edid.h
version 2 - drivers generation out of the kernel tree
- some enhancements (I don't remember which!)
- kernel 3.8-rc6
version 1 - kernel 3.8-rc4
- drivers in the kernel tree