voice [regular_expression]

Default Command line Scope Available in

Select the voice(s) to which the following options will be applied.

The options are pseudo-comments (starting with %%), up to an other %%voice, %%tune or %%score/%%staves command.
The command "%%voice end" may be used to mark the end of the options for the last voice.

The commands are inserted before the first symbol of each voice which identifier or full name match the regular expression.

%%voice may appear only in a global definition (command line, format file, file header or %%tune option list).

When the regular_expression is the same as the one of a previous %%voice, all the previous voice options for this regular expression are removed.

When the regular_expression is absent, all the global or tune related voice options are removed.

Example: Print the tune "Tridal a ra va c'halon" (from the file voices.abc in the abcm2ps tarball) with 4 staves, lyrics at the top and a "tenor" clef.

	%%select Tridal
	%%staves S A T B
	%%voice S
	%%pos vocal up
	%%voice T
	%%clef G_8
	%%voice end
	%%abc-include voices.abc