tune [regular_expression]

Default Command lineScope

Select the tune(s) to which the following options will be applied.

The options are pseudo-comments (starting with %%), up to an other %%tune command. The command %%tune end may be used to mark the end of the options.

The options are inserted at start of the tunes (after the first K:) whose header matches the regular_expression.

When an option is %%score or %%staves, it replaces a %%score or %%staves of the tune. There may be many such options, each one replacing one %%staves/score of the tune.

%%tune may appear only in a global definition (command line, format file or file header).

When the regular_expression is the same as the one of a previous %%tune, all the previous tune options for this regular expression are removed.
When the regular_expression is absent, all the tune options of all tunes are removed.

Example: Remove the 'ossia' part from sample5.abc of the abcm2ps package:

%%tune Bach
%%leftmargin 1cm lock
%%rightmargin 1cm lock
%%scale 0.7
%%staves {(1 2) (3 4)}
%%staves {(1 2) (3 4)}
%%staves {(1 2) (3 4)}
%%abc-include sample5.abc