transpose [ int ["#" | "b"] | <note1><note2> ]

Default Command line Scope Available in

Transpose the printed music.

In the first syntax, int is a signed number of semitones.
When "#" or "b" is present, the new key signature(s) will contain sharps or flats in case of enharmonic keys.

In the second syntax, note1 and note2 are notes as found in tune bodies.

When this command appears in a global definition (format file or file header), it applies to all tunes.
When it appears in a tune header, its value is added to the global value and it applies to all voices of the tune.
When found inside a tune body, its value is added to the tune value and it applies to the current voice only.

Note 1: The transposition of key signatures with explicit or added accidental list does not work.

Note 2: abc2svg accepts this command for compatibility, but it is better to use the transposition operators defined in the ABC standard v2.2.

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