titleformat text

Default Command line Scope Available in

Define the format of the tune title.

This format overrides the standard way to display the tune title. Then, parameters as %%titleleft, %%infoline and also %%writefields are not used.

The format is a set of letters, numbers, commas and plus and minus signs. Unrecognized characters are ignored.

A letter gives the ABC header information type. It may be any type range 'A' to 'Z', but 'I', 'L', 'M', 'U' and 'V'.

Alignment is defined by a number and/or a minus sign following the letter.
It may be: When absent, alignment defaults to center (0).

A plus sign ('+') may appear between two fields in which case these fields are concatenated (this works only with fields of the same type and same alignment).

A comma defines a box edge. In each box, the fields are vertically added in their alignment zones. In the following example, there are:
in the 1st box:
in the 2nd box:
When text is empty, the default standard tune format is set back.

X:1 %%pagewidth 18cm T:Title of the tune T:2nd title T:3rd title %%titleformat R-P-Q-T C1 O1, T+T N1 C:(trad.) R:Walz O:Euskadia P: AA N:\%\%titleformat example Q:1/4=72 M:C L:1/4 K:C cccc |