titleformat text

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Define the format of the tune title.

This format overrides the standard way to display the head of the tune(s). Then, parameters as %%titleleft, %%infoline and also %%writefields are not used.

The format is a set of letters, each one being optionally preceeded or followed by an other character. The unrecognized characters, as spaces, are ignored.

A letter gives the ABC header information type. It may be any type range 'A' to 'Z', but 'I', 'L', 'M', 'U' and 'V'.

The placement (left, center or right) may be defined by a number and/or a minus sign after the letter. In this case, it may be:

With abc2svg, the placement may also be defined by '<' (left) or '>' (right).

When absent, the placement defaults to center (0).

A plus sign ('+') may appear between two fields in which case these fields are concatenated (this works only with fields of the same type and same alignment).

A comma (',') defines a box edge. In each box, the fields are vertically added in their alignment zones.

When text is empty, the default standard tune head is back.

The following example contains: %%titleformat R-P-Q-T C1 O1, T+T N1 (abc2svg new syntax: %%titleformat <R<P<Q T >C>O, T+T >N), i.e.:

in the 1st box:
in the 2nd box:

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