abc2svg html example + play

This HTML document contains a ABC tune ('J'ai du bon tabac').

To display this tune, it includes the script abcweb-1.js which loads the abc2svg core, scans the document and replaces the ABC sequence(s) by SVG images.

And, to play the tune, it includes the script snd-1.js. Check this by clicking on the score!

If you also want to put music in your pages, you may have a look at the source of this file.

The abc2svg scripts are loaded by this sequence in the HTML header (the relative path ../ must be replaced by in your pages):

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Then, the ABC sequences in the HTML body must start on <script type="text/"> and stop on <script>.

Note that the ABC sequence of this file contains a music font definition (%%musicfont) that points to the file (../js/abc2svg.woff) of this HTTP server. This would not work if this file tabac.html would be put in an other server without the abc2svg font at the same relative path.
Usually, it is safe to have no %%musicfont definition. In this case, the internal font is used.