strtab [ string_list [ "diafret" ] ]

Scope Available in
abc2svg >= 1.20.14

This command changes the display of a voice to a tabulation for a string instrument.

The string_list gives the pitches of the strings, either as ABC notes or in the scientific pitch notation.

The keyword "diafret" indicates that the frets of the instrument are diatonic (as a dulcimer - the default is chromatic).

The strings numbers may be forced using the specific decorations !1s! .. !9s!, the number being the string number ('1' is the last string in the list).

This command may be empty in which case it just loads the associated module. This permits to use Willem Vree's syntax in the K: or V: information fields.

minfret [ string_number fret_number ]*

Scope Available in
abc2svg >= 1.22.4

This parameter defines the smallest usable frets per string. It may be used to replace a lot of decorations !1s! .. !9s!.

For instance, to avoid using open strings when playing bass, you may define:

%%minfret 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1

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