stafflines int | staff_map

Default Command line Scope Available in
abcm2ps >= 7.2.1

Set the number of lines of the staff of the current voice or set a map of the lines in the staff.

The map is a string composed of "|" "[" and "." characters.
"." indicates that the line must not be drawn.
"[' indicates a thick line.
The first character represents the music line #1 (bottom line).
The last line must always be defined (the last character must not be "."), except when the staff has no drawn line.

%abc-2.1 %%singleline 1 %%pagescale 1.2 % glyph and map definitions % %%map drum ^A, print=g heads=x_notehead % Hi-Hat %%map drum D, print=B % Snare %%map drum C, print=E % Bass drum
X:1 M:4/4 L:1/4 K:P %%clef perc %%score (1 2) %%stafflines |.|.| V:1 nm="Hi-Hat\nSnare" %%voicemap drum %%MIDI channel 10 ^A,/^A,/[^A,D,]/^A,/ \ ^A,/^A,/[^A,D,]/^A,/ | V:2 nm="B.D." %%voicemap drum %%MIDI channel 10 C,xC,x |