ss-pref char[char]*

Default Command line Scope Available in
%noneimmediate abcm2ps >= 8.13.9
abc2svg >= 1.12.0

Change the StyleSheet (pseudo-comment) prefix(es).

By default, the StyleSheet directives (pseudo-comments) are lines starting with two percent signs (%%).
This command redefines a list of possible second characters of these commands (up to 3 different characters).
This permits to avoid conflicts with directivess of other programs and also to have a simple conditional generation.

Note: with abcm2ps, this command cannot be set in a format file.

Example 1:
%abc-2.2 %%singleline 1 %%ss-pref T %Tvoice Mib % voices with name containing "Mib" %Ttranspose -3 % are transposed a minor third lower %Tvoice end %Tss-pref % % restore standard pseudo-comments
X:1 M:C L:1/4 K:Eb V:1 nm="Sax en Ut" EFGA | Bcde | V:2 nm="Sax en Mib" EFGA | Bcde |

Example 2:

        %                        % default 4 staves
        %Fstaves [(S A) (T B)]   % 2 staves
        %Sstaves S               % Soprano only
        %Astaves A               % Alto only
   - command line:
        abcm2ps --ss-pref %A  # generate alto only