select [tune_index_list | regular_expression]

Default Command lineScope Available in
none-e tune_index_listgeneration abcm2ps

Select a subset of tunes in an ABC file to be printed.

tune_index_list (abcm2ps only) is a comma separated list of tune numbers. Each selector applies to the current ABC file.
A tune number may be:

The regular_expression applies to the tune headers on their whole. An empty %%select selects all the tunes of the next ABC files.

Command line examples:

	abcm2ps -e 1,3-5 -e5-
	abcm2ps -eclefs -e 'K:C$'
ABC file example:
	%%select C:.*Bach
Note: Such selections may give strange results when there are global definitions in the ABC files (before and between the tunes).