pageheight unit

Default Scope Available in
abc2svg >= 1.19.0

pagewidth unit

Default Scope Available in

pageheight and pagewidth define the size of the output pages.

With abc2svg:

There are 2 modes:
block mode
This is the default mode when pageheight is not defined.
In this mode, each music line or text block is output as a SVG image.
Page formatting is possible using the batch commands of abc2svg, and a web browser for (X)HTML output.
page mode
The page mode is activated when pageheight is defined.
The images are wrapped in SVG containers. There is one container per page, each one containing also the page header and footer.
In this mode the markup sequences (%%beginml...) are ignored.
The result is close to the one of abcm2ps.

With abcm2ps:

The page mode is the default formatting mode.
The music and the text blocks are formatted in PostScript pages or SVG images, one per page, with the header/footer.
A block mode is possible with SVG output (option -z).

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