notespacingfactor float

Default Command line Scope Available in

Set the note spacing factor to float (range 1..2).

This parameter is used to compute the natural spacing of the notes. When the duration of a note type is twice the duration of an other note type, its spacing is multiplied by this factor.

The base spacing of the crotchet is always 40 pts.

The default value causes the note spacing to be multiplied by 2 when its duration is multiplied by 4, i.e. the space of the semibreve is 80 pts and the space of the semiquaver is 20 pts.

Setting this value to 1 sets all note spacing to 40 pts.

%abc-2.2 %%singleline 1
X:1 M:C L:1/4 K:C c2 c c/c/ |\ c//c//c//c// c3 |\ c4 ||
X:2 M:C L:1/4 K:C %%notespacingfactor 1 c2 c c/c/ |\ c//c//c//c// c3 |\ c4 ||