musicfont string

Default Command line Scope Available in
nonenonegeneration abcm2ps (>= 8.13.3)

Define an alternate music font.

By default, abcm2ps uses PostScript definitions of the music glyphs, and abc2svg uses an internal music font.

This command permits to use an (other) music font.

The font encoding follows the Unicode mapping defined in SMuFL.
Fonts compliant with this specification, as Bravura, are directly usable.
In particular, abcm2ps may use the abc2svg internal font which is contained in its source tarball in TrueType format (abc2svg.ttf).

Using music fonts with different sizes/encodings is possible by re-defining the glyphs (PostScript definitions or SVG <defs>).

ba|Pga/g/f|:g2a  |ba2    |g2c- |c2P=B  |c>de  |fga    |
	 Mf>ed|cd/c/B|PA2d |ef/e/d |:e2f  |ef2    |c>BA |GA/G/F |E>FG  |ABc-   |
"^Trompette"z3|z3    |z3   |z3     |:Mc>BA|PGA/G/F|PE>EF|PEF/E/D|C>CPB,|A,G,F,-|]]>

%abc-2.1 %%bgcolor white %%singleline 1 %%rightmargin 0.8cm %%leftmargin 0.8cm %%topspace 0 %%musicfont url( %ba|Pga/g/f|:g2a |ba2 |g2c- |c2P=B |c>de |fga | V:Pos2 Mf>ed|cd/c/B|PA2d |ef/e/d |:e2f |ef2 |c>BA |GA/G/F |E>FG |ABc- | V:Trompette "^Trompette"z3|z3 |z3 |z3 |:Mc>BA|PGA/G/F|PE>EF|PEF/E/D|C>CPB,|A,G,F,-| %]]>