map map_name ABC_note [print [heads]] [parameters]*

Scope Available in
immediateabcm2ps >= 8.7.0

Define the mapping of a note.

A note mapping set may be defined anywhere in a ABC file.
When some mapping definitions are found inside a tune, they apply to this tune only.

identifies the note mapping set.
is the note to be mapped
The ABC_note is the (pitch + accidental) part of a note as defined in the tune body, i.e. <accidental><'A-Ga-g'><octave>.
It may be "*" (star) in which case the mapping applies to all notes. See Flute tongue ram for an example.
Otherwise, the ABC_note may be preceded by one of the following modifiers (the comma is part of the modifier):
in which case the mapping applies to same notes at different octaves.
in which case the mapping also applies to same notes at different octaves, but the ABC_note is relative to the key of the voice and the accidentals are ignored.
print (optional)
is a shortcut for print=. The value * means "same staff offset".
heads (optional)
is a shortcut for heads=.

The other parameters are keyword/value pairs format:


A %%map defining the mapping of a previously mapped note modifies only the parameters it contains. The other parameters remain unchanged. The parameters are:

This parameter defines the shape of the note heads.

The glyph names are separated by commas and slashes.
The commas separate the duration sets.
The first set is the black note replacement (quarter note or smaller), the second set is the white note (half note), the third set is the whole note and the forth set is the double whole note (breve).
When no glyph set is defined for some duration, the last set of the list is used.

Inside a duration set, the slashes are used when the glyphs are different as the stem goes upwards (first name) or downwards (second name).
See Shape for an example.

This parameter defines the offset of the note head on the staff and its accidental(s).
It is used only when there is no modifier.

<ABC_note> is the (pitch + accidental) part of a ABC note.

For ordinary voices, the offset is adjusted according to the clef.
For percussion voices, the offset is always the one of a treble clef.

This parameter works like print= but the note is not transposed by the parameters shift=, score= of K:/V:.

As a side effect, if there is no play=, the note is not played.
See Shape for an example.

This parameter defines the color of the note.

With abcm2ps, <color> can be only defined by a 24 bits numerical color '#rrggbb'.

This parameter defines the note (pitch + accidental) to play.
It is used in abc2svg only with no modifier.

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