infoname uppercase_letter [information_name]

Default Command line Scope Available in
R "Rhythm: "
B "Book: "
S "Source: "
D "Discography: "
N "Notes: "
Z "Transcription: "
H "History: "

Define the name of the information fields which may be printed after the tunes.

Note: For being printed, a field must be set to 'on' in a %%writefields parameter and have an information name.

When information_name is not present, the field name is removed. This is usefull to change the field order.

X:1 T:Gavotte %%pagewidth 9cm M:C L:1/4 N:This tune was collected in Brittany. G:Dances %%infoname G "Group: " % display the group %%infoname N % notes at the end %%infoname N "Notes: " %%writefields GN 1 K:C cccc |