grid2 int

Default Scope Available in
falsevoiceabc2svg >= 1.17.2

This command replaces the music of a voice by a chord grid.

%abc-2.2 X:1 T:Lullaby of birdland C:George Shearing (1919 - 2011) M:C L:1/4 %%score 1 2 K:Gm V:1,2 "Gm6"d/d/c/B/"E7b"AG|"A7b9"=EG/^F/-"D7b9"F2| "Gm6"DA/G/-"E7b"G2|"Cm7"Ed/c/-"F9"c2| "Bb7"f/f/e/d/"Gm7"cB|"Cm7"G/d/c/^F/- "F7b9"F/d/c/=F/-|\ "Bb7"F2z/c/B/E/-|"Eb9"E/B/A/D/-"D7"D2| V:1 %%grid2 1 w:Lu-lla-by of bird-land that's what I_ al-ways hear* when you sigh;_ +:Ne-ver in my word land could there be ways* to re-veal_ in a phrase* how I feel._