grid int [nomusic] [norepeat] [parts] [repbrk] [include=list]

Default Scope Available in
nonegenerationabc2svg >= 1.18.1

%%grid adds a chord grid of the tunes.

The int value is the number of columns. When '1' or '-1', this number is computed.
When this value is negative, the grid is under the music.

nomusic displays the grid only.

norepeat removes the ':' (repeat indications) from the grid.

If a part appears in the first measure of the grid row, parts displays its name on the left side of the grid.

repbrk starts a new grid line on a start or stop of repeat.

include= defines which measures are used to define the grid. list is a comma separated list of measure numbers (the measure numbers are the ones that are displayed with %%contbarnb 1).

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