graceword bool

Default Command line Scope Available in
falsenonegeneration abcm2ps >= 8.11.6
abc2svg >= 1.5.22

When set and when a note with a lyric word (in w:) is preceeded by graces notes, the word is shifted to the starting grace note.

X:1 %%singleline 1 %%titleleft 1 T:with \%\%graceword %%graceword 1 K:Db {/!~(!D}y!~)!G2 G2 G2 !~(!G2 y{/!~)!!~(!E}y!~)!F2 !~(!F2!~)! D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 A2 w:Ra-ma-chan-dra, Krish-na pra-bhur Ni-mai pan-dit