glyph unicode glyph_name

Default Command lineScope Available in
nonenonegenerationabcm2ps only >= 7.6.0

Set the name of a unicode glyph.

This command is useful only for PostScript output without pango support.

unicode is a hexadecimal value, and glyph_name is the name of the associated glyph in the font files.

Example of definition of some ISO-8859-2 characters:
% unicode romanian glyphs
%%glyph 15e Scommaaccent
%%glyph 15f scommaaccent
%%glyph 162 Tcommaaccent
%%glyph 163 tcommaaccent
%%glyph 218 Scommaaccent
%%glyph 219 scommaaccent
%%glyph 21a Tcommaaccent
%%glyph 21b tcommaaccent

A full list of the glyph names is furnished with ghostscript under .../Resource/Decoding/Unicode.
Some musical characters are defined in the file which is included in the abcm2ps package.