header text

footer text

Default Command lineScope Available in
nonenonepageabcm2ps only

Specify the text to be printed at the top or bottom of each page.

There may be one or two lines in the header and footer commands.
To specify 2 lines, put the 2 characters "\n" (not a real 'newline') as a separator in the command.

In each line, 3 areas may be defined: left, center and right. These areas are separated by tabulations (real TABs, not "\t") and may be empty (if the left area is empty, double quote the string - see sample3.abc for example).

The prefix '$' introduces variable substitution:

For example, the command line option '-N3' is the same as:
	%%header "$P0		$P1"
(there are 2 TABs between $P0 and $P1).

If the header or footer text begins with '-' (hyphen/minus), it is not printed on the first page.