diagram diagram_type

Scope Available in
generationabc2svg >= 1.15.13

This command defines the diagram_type defined by %%setdiag or displayed under the chord symbols in the music. This value must be a number: '0' stops displaying the chord diagrams and '6' selects the internal diagrams of the 6 strings guitars.

setdiag chord dots label [ ,pos ] fingers [ barre=start-stop ]

Scope Available in
generationabc2svg >= 1.20.20

This command adds/replaces the definition of a chord diagram of the type selected by %%diagram.

The parameters are:

name of the chord
string of [0-4,x].
Each character is the grid offset of a fret. 'x' or '0' means "open string".
label [ ,pos ]
label is a string that appears on the left of the grid at the vertical offset pos.
string of [0-4,x,y].
The characters are printed above the grid, one character per string. 'y' or '0' means no finger (open string) and is not printed. 'x' means "don't use".
set a barre on the first fret between the string start and the string stop. The strings are numbered with '1' as the string with the highest pitch ('e' for a guitar or a mandolin).

For the 6 strings guitar, the following chords C, D, E, F, G, A and B are defined with the types m, 7, m7. M7 and sus4 (no type is major).

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