begintext [option]

Default Command line Scope Available in

Start printing the free text of the followng lines up to %%endtext.

When a line of text starts with %%, these characters are removed, but they are needed for compatibility with ABC programs which don't handle the %%beginxxx .. %%endxxx sequences.

The values of option are described in %%textoption.
When option is omitted, it defaults to the current %%textoption value.

Inside the free text, an empty line starts a new paragraph. Page breaks (start of new pages) cannot occur in the middle of a paragraph.

X:1 %%pagewidth 9cm T:tune title M:C L:1/4 K:C %%begintext This text is between the title and the music. %%endtext cccc | cccc | cccc | %%begintext Text inside the music. %%abcdef looks like music - don't forget the "%%" %% The previous line is empty. %%endtext cccc | cccc | cccc | %%begintext Text after the music and associated to the tune. It will not be printed if the tune is not selected. %%endtext