Default Scope Available in
noneimmediateabcm2ps >= 8.7.5

This command introduces a SVG sequence that ends with %%endsvg and which will be included in the SVG output file(s).

It allows

New in abc2svg-1.18.3: the style of some music elements may be changed by their classes:

class element default
stroke width
slWstaff line0.7
slthWthick staff line1.5
bWbar line1
bthWthick bar line3
sWnote stem0.7

%abc-2.2 %
X:1 T:Title with blue outlines %%pagewidth 12cm %%titlefont * 40 class=tit M:C L:1/4 K:C C,C,C,C, | C,C,C,C, |]