beginps [nosvg]

postscript PostScript code

ps PostScript code

Default Command line Scope Available in

The command %%beginps introduces a PostScript sequence that ends with %%endps and which will be included in the PostScript output file, or interpreted for SVG generation.

This parameter may be used to override any PostScript function or to define new functions for use in %%deco.

When the output file format is SVG (command options '-g', '-v' or '-X'), the PostScript code is executed by a small PS interpreter.
Sequences which cannot be executed (as font redefinitions) must be skipped checking the presence of the symbol 'svg':

	/svg where {pop} {
	.. PostScript code which cannot be executed by the PS interpreter ..
	} ifelse
When the option nosvg is present, the sequence is not executed on SVG output.

When a single PostScript line must be inserted, the command %%postscript (or simply %%ps) may be used (abcm2ps only).

cccc |\
%%ps 0 0 1 setrgbcolor
 cccc \
%%ps 0 0 0 setrgbcolor
| cccc |

beginps-abc.xhtml (1) tune 0