beginps [nosvg]

postscript PostScript code

ps PostScript code

Default Command line Scope Available in

The command %%beginps introduces a PostScript sequence that ends with %%endps and which will be included in the PostScript output file.

This parameter may be used to override any PostScript function or to define new functions for use in %%deco.

When the output file format is SVG (command options '-g', '-v' or '-X'), the PostScript code is executed by a small internal PS interpreter.
Sequences which cannot be executed (as font redefinitions) must be skipped checking the presence of the symbol 'svg':

	/svg where {pop} {
	.. PostScript code which cannot be executed by the internal PS interpreter ..
	} ifelse
When the option nosvg is present, the sequence is not executed on SVG output.

When a single PostScript line must be inserted, abcm2ps accepts the commands %%postscript or %%ps.

%abc-2.2 %%beginps /arpu{ 2 copy 4 index add M -6.5 0 RM 2.5 5 RL 2.5 -5 RL fill arp }! %%endps %%deco arpu 2 arpu 0 0 0
X:1 %%singleline M:C L:1/4 K:C CEGc | !arpu![CEGc]4 |]