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immediate abc2svg only

The command %%beginml introduces a Markup Language sequence that ends with %%endml and which is included as it is in the abc2svg output stream.

Such a sequence may appear outside or inside the tunes. Its content is not analyzed.

This command does not work when page formatting is active (i.e. when %%pageheight is defined).

%%bgcolor lightblue
<p>This text is <i>pure</i> HTML which is inserted before the music.
As you may see, it does not obey to the <code>%%pagewidth</code>
which is used for the generated music.<br/>
Below, the SVG images with the lightblue color are the ones generated by abc2svg.</p>
T:Music, text and image
%%pagewidth 12cm
%%titlespace 0
% text with svg-logo.svg
.. have a look at the source ..
cccc | cccc |

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